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Why Invisions

Fostering synergies and strengthening the real estate ecosystem

What We Do

We let developers concentrate on their core activity which is quality construction. We do that by taking over the support business functions that consume most of their time, energy, and resources. These include lead generation, project marketing, channel partner management, engagement tracking, allied services partnerships. We additionally offer our professional services as legal consultants ensuring each project undertaken maintains its viability until completion. Our expertise in the real estate domain, a robust application, and centralized services offer clients ease in overall project management.

Services Offered

Bulding Cohesive Partnerships

Fostering an ecosystem of collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork.

  • Connecting you to 1000+ trained & equipped channel partners

  • Save on time, money, and resources by teaming up with our experts

  • Stay in control of overall marketing progress, sales & performance

  • State-of-the-art application to ease track & engage channel partners

Developers & Allied Services

Facilitating high-quality connections for cross-functional collaboration.

  • Access to over 500+ real estate professionals across domains

  • Gain from expert in-house legal and project veterans

  • Connect with local labour forces, manufacturers & constructions experts

  • Join the real estate ecosystem and grow your team, connections, and sales

About Us

Invisions came into existence to bridge the widening gap in the fragmented real estate ecosystem. The three vital elements for a successful real estate project are quality construction, targeted marketing strategies, and an effective sales team. While quality development is the core activity for each developer, marketing and sales are add on activities that are best handled by experts.

We at Invisions understand the difficulties most developers face in investing time, resources, and money to acquire, manage, and drive the right resources for these promotional activities. Through our cohesive platform, we bring with us our expertise in the field of project and sales management functioning as an extended arm to the current development team.

We assist them with robust marketing strategies, promotional activities, tech-based channel partner management platform, lead generation, and engagement tracking. We additionally assist developers by connecting them to the apt allied service partners to enhance their project development status as per their project's requirements. Our legal expertise, experience, and in-depth knowledge of the RERA Act make us an ideal partner to steer developers in the direction of progress.

The Expert

At the helm of Invisions is Mr. Shantanu Kuchya, a Civil Engineer by degree and a Real Estate enthusiast by choice. He is known in the industry for his widespread network and expertise on legal and contractual requirements in the real estate sector. By assisting over 800 developers with his knowledge and experience over the years he has developed an in-depth understanding of their pain points, hence the concept of Invisions came into being. His vision for Invisions is to create a level playing field for developers of all sizes, large and small, assisting them to market and sell more efficiently. And, off-course, inclusive growth for allied real estate professionals by connecting them to the right developers at the right time, creating a win-win situation for all.